Application 2022


Please note that the deadline for registration is 15 January 2022!





Please insert a Videolink for one movement of Classical work

Maximum file size: 10mb, file format: JPEG, PNG

Maximum file size: 10mb, file format: JPEG, PNG, PDF, DOC


If you need a visa for Germany (Schengen Countries), you will receive an official letter of invitation upon request.



1st Round

a) Two contrasting movements from one of following Concertos of Classical period (piano reduction):

b) A single-movement Romantic virtuoso piece of choice
Only original works for double bass and piano permitted.

Note: If the Tarantella by Reinhold Glière is chosen, the Glière 4 Pieces cannot be chosen for Round 3/C.



2nd Round

Johannes Sperger
two contrasting movements from one of following Sonatas for Double Bass and Viola (or Piano)

Note: Candidates can perform with a viola répétiteur provided by the Competition or bring their own viola player. Alternatively, the sonata may be performed with piano. Both accompanying parts are included in the Urtext editions. 





3rd Round - Semi-final

a) Toshio Hosokawa commissioned work for solo double bass  
The piece will be made available to candidates 6 weeks before the start of the competition.

from Suite Nr. 3 for Violoncello Solo, BWV 1009 (transcription)




4th Round Final with Orchestra

Johannes (Matthias) Sperger Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra

Both solo tuning and Viennese tuning are allowed. The final round must be performed by memory. In the case of doubt, the facsimile is valid. Original sheet music must be used – no photocopies are permitted. No posterior changes to the selected repertoire will be allowed.



Competition Regulations & GDPR

I confirm the correctness of my information and I agree with the conditions of competition of the international J.M. Sperger competition.
The candidate hereby consents that we may save his or her personal data for the purpose of participation in the International J.M. Sperger Competition for Double Bass 2018. Furthermore, the candidate waives all rights to image and sound recordings and agrees to the publishing of these.
The candidate hereby consents that we may pass on his or her personal data to a yet to be named concert organizer for the purpose of participating in a concert event. This event takes place not within the scope of the competition, but following it.
This consent is given voluntarily; it has no consequences for the chances of the candidate in the competition. The candidate can refuse his or her consent without giving any reasons, without it resulting in any disadvantages within the context of the competition. Furthermore, consent can be revoked at any time until the data is passed on to the concert promoter, at the following contact:
Internationale Johann-Matthias-Sperger-Gesellschaft e.V., Ludwigslust,
Postfach 3041, 21670 Stade, Germany,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subsequent to the transmission of the candidate´s data to the concert promoter, based on the candidate´s consent, objections or declarations relating to a contract entered into with said concert promoter must be made directly to the promoter.
The candidate is aware of the fact that participation in such a concert event is only possible, if his or her personal data is transmitted to the concert promoter.